Help on how to LOGIN, Add movies, Delete movies, Edit Movies, List Movies

    • When you first open the program, you should see at the top of the screen the following

      Click on the login icon

      a box pops up:

      Enter the Username and Password you were assigned and click LOGIN
  • Film management screen
    • After successful login you will see the following screen
    • click on ADD MOVIE to add a new movie or LIST MOVIES to see your list

      • when you click on ADD MOVIE you are presented with a screen showing these fill-ins:
        • Filmid
          • Automatically filled in. Each film is assigned a unique ID
        • Film Name
          • FILMNAME ie The Wizard Of Oz
        • barcode
        • Film Time (Min)
          • FILMTIME ie 120 (meaning number of minutes it runs. on the back of the box)
        • filmyear
          • FILMDATE ie 2016 (year movie was released)
        • 3D/2D
          • 2D
          • 3D
          • MEDIA STORAGE TYPE can be BOX, NAS or BINDER
            • BOX means it is still in the original box (use this for films not in binders, still in the black boxes for DVD's OR VHS tapes)
            • NAS means it is on a network drive (you will never use this option)
            • BINDER is when you put a movie in those folders you bought at SECOND CHANCE. Suggestion is give each of those binders a LETTER on the outside. I have a binder from A-Z (26 binders). Each one holds 90 films so I assign each page a number. 2 films per number. This makes it easy to find a movie. No need to sort the movies in the binders. Just put them in any order. Assign a binder a letter on the outside (You have 4 binders currently so assign A, B, C, D to the outside of each one). Each has maybe 20 pages inside. So put 2 films per page. Give each page a number. So as an example
            • BINDER A
            • PAGE 1 film 1 = THE WIZARD OF OF
            • PAGE 1 film 2 = GONE WITH THE WIND
          • So as you enter films in binders select the BINDER option and below it for BINDER LETTER-PAGE for both of these films put A-01
          • You could also use this option for rows in a cabinet where you are keeping your VHS tapes. The BINDER LETTER-PAGE box can hold up to 10 characters
          • So when you need to find that movie you just go to the binder A and open to page 1 and you have either of those films.
        • IMDB T String
          • IMDB T String i doubt you will use. I can explain what this is if you want, later
        • Gay Film
          • General
          • Gay Film
        • Black Film
          • General
          • Black Film
        • directors
        • studios
        • Plot
        • Cast
          • CAST ie Sean Connery, Al FInney, SillyAs Girl, ....
        • Genre
          • GENRE click on the PULL DOWN menu and select the genre you want it assigned to.
        • Film Type
          • FILM TYPE is for selecting it as a DVD, BR (BluRay), VHS, DIG (not used by you. This is for the films on a network drive)
        • 4K movie
          • All your films will probably be REGULAR not 4K films which is the default anyway
          • Regular
          • 4K
        • MPAA Rating
          • MPAA RATING is something you can add
        • comment
          • COMMENT is for anything you want. Like "My favorite film with sean connery"
        • Film is a personal favorite
          • PERSONAL FAVORITE allows you to mark special films in your library that you REALLY love and want to find faster
        • GeneralPersonal Favorite
        • Ownerid
      • You really only need to add FILMNAME to create the entries. You can then go back to edit these films and add more info later.
      • When you are done, click SAVE
        • Then to see the film, you can click on LIST MOVIES You get a list of the movies in your personal list.
        • On the list page you will see at the top

          • SEARCH OPTIONS
            • FilmSrch
              • If you want to narrow down the search for a film (once you have a couple dozen or more this is a great help), put in a part of a film name (upper or lower case is ignored so just type in lowercase letters).

                ie assume one of your films is GONE WITH THE WIND. if you select FilmSrch (the default) and then type in the box above it "gone" and click on EXECUTE it will only display films with the word gone in the title.
            • DirectorSrch
              • If you fill in the director field with one or more directors when you entered the film, you could put part of the name here and find all the films by this director. Such as "hitchcock" and then press EXECUTE
            • ActorSrch
              • The list of cast members, lets say you entered all the cast members you care about in the cast box. And lets say you have 3 films with Julie Andrews. you could put her full name or part name and find films she is in in your library
            • These options do not use the entry box above. It simply selects films with these options set.
              Select the option then press EXECUTE
              • BlckFavs
                • films with the Black Favorite item in the film selected when you saved the film.
                  ie. Like SNAKES ON A PLANE ;-)
              • GayFavs
                • films with the Gay Favorite selected.
              • MyFavs
                • films you parked as your personal favorites
          • SORT TO TOP
            • These options sort the list by these TYPES.
              Select the option and press EXECUTE
              • GNR
                (sort films by GENRE in groups. All SCI-FI together, all DOCUMENTARIES together...)
              • DT
                (sort by date film was released)
              • TYP
                (sort by type. All DVD together, all VHS together, all BR (bluray) together)
              • MPAA
                (sort by MPAA ratings. All PG-13 together, ...)
              • 3D
                (sort with all your 3D films at the top of the list)
      • Back to the movie list....
      • If you click on a filmname (title) it opens up a new screen with all the detail info you entered on the film here you can EDIT, DELETE and show this film on the IMDB website. I need to show you how to do that last option though. For now, you can EDIT or DELETE the films you added in
      • In this film list, if you put your mouse over the P or the C a popup is displayed
        • If you added a CAST list or a PLOT you see the CAST or the PLOT pop up in the listing
        • If you did not add any info in the CAST or PLOT boxes when you entered the film, the letter appears in red
    • Let me know how you like it. I still need to add an option to print the films list out to your printer. I will be doing that in the future

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