Photos By Earl is a company rebirth to give new and fresh beginnings to what has been a photographic journey of well over 3 decades and three personal photographic companies. The company began as a dream right out of High School working with nature and family events and grew through the years to become a passion.

The first major commercial work was done for a family in Petaluma. A man who worked for Industrial Light And Magic as one of their chief graphics designers. I was asked to create some amazing B/W images of his family and himself. Artistic images. Our first dark edgy B/W work. This was what pulled our company into this artistic style. Those wonderful Demi Moore style implied nude images of his pregnant wife and their young boy. With his marvelous direction, we were able to develop much more serious work and our company blossomed from that point on.

Our international fame has been in our dark and edgy B/W nudes. But soon people started to see that our photographic eye is able to yield a much more glamorous look to many other styles as well.

Many artists, musicians and theatre people have discovered us to add to their portfolios this very different style of work.